I don’t think I will ever accept an award on behalf of so many people. From Ralph Fiennes to Helena Bonham Carter to Hedwig and Dobby and all of them, this is amazing! We had over 200 cast members and I wish they could all be up here with me now. Sadly, they can’t. Obviously, I share this award, in particular, with Dan and Rupert. Wherever you are, I hope you’re watching and I miss you both dearly. Just thank you! I really, really appreciate it. Thank you!

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-¿A cuál de tus hijos quieres más?
-Obviamente quiero a los tres por igual.
-Pero si tu tienes cuatro.
-Ah, pero el feo no cuenta…

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hp meme - two spells from each film [1/2]
↳ goblet of fire

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I’ve finally reached you.

I’ve finally reached you.

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